Making an Appointment

Central Surgery operates a telephone triage system for initial contact with patients. You will be booked into our same day Clinician Call Back Service and one of our GPs or Nurse Practitioners will call you back at a time that suits you.

Telephone lines are open between 8:00am and 6.30pm and the Surgery telephone number is 01279 603180. You can phone anytime during this period to make an appointment. We operate a menu telephone system and when you call you will be asked to press a number on your keypad to get through to make an appointment.

If you require a doctor’s appointment the reception staff:

  • will ask how they may help;
  • will ask you for a short, simple description of the problem to pass along to the doctor (if you would prefer not to give details, please be aware that the GP may not be able to prioritise your call appropriately);
  • will confirm your phone number and the receptionist will ask if there is a particular time where you will be available.
  • will put your name on your doctor’s ‘call back’ list.

The doctor will discuss with you the problem or concern and will advise what to do next. If the GP thinks you should be seen they will agree a time with you (the same day if necessary).

*Please note that there is a certain number of triage appointments available for any given day and that when we have received an exceptional demand we may only take requests for emergencies only.  

You can also make an appointment by