Are you a registered Carer?

Are you a carer?

If you support someone who could not manage without you, you are a carer.  As a carer you need us to look after your health and wellbeing too.

If you give unpaid help and support to a family member, friend or neighbour who would not be able to manage without you, you are a carer.  The person you look after may have a physical or learning disability, be ill or frail, have mental health problems or misuse drugs or alcohol.  They may be a child, partner, parent, friend or neighbour, and they might live with you or elsewhere. Whatever your situation, make sure your GP knows or ask to speak to the Carers Champion at the surgery.

Being a carer is an important and valued role in the community.

The surgery appreciate that caring can be up to a 24 hour, 7 day a week responsibility and it can take a great toll on your own health because it is can be very demanding and isolating. Whatever the situation Central Surgery wants to ensure they look after your health and wellbeing too.  Please make sure your GP knows you are a carer so they can give you the support you need.  They will register your being a carer on your notes and, if the person you care for is also a patient at our surgery, on their notes too.  There are also forms in reception you can complete.

The surgery now has a Carers Champion, who is there to support you with accurate information, flexible appointments, check-ups for your own health, prescriptions and help you get the permission of the person you care for to allow us to share their health information with you.

You are entitled to a free assessment of your own needs – a ‘Carers Assessment’ – by Health and Social Care and the Carers Champion can refer you to them. She can provide a listening ear and additional support and information on respite care and your entitlement to benefits by referring you to other voluntary organisation who support carers, including the main county Carer’s Charity Carers in Hertfordshire.

Information and Advice:

Whether you need help understanding benefits or accessing services, or longer term advice to support you in your caring role, their Carer Support Advisors can be reached on 01992 586969, email them at or visit their website They offer a Carer Planning service – talking to you about what would help you the most, which may include getting a break. They offer specific support for people caring for those with dementia, drug and alcohol issues, mental health problems, learning disabilities, as well as parent and young carers.


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