How Information About You is Used

My Care Record is a local electronic record sharing programme which allows you to give health and care professionals permission to access your medical records, during your treatment.
The people caring for you need to access your record in order to make the best decisions about your diagnosis and treatment. This could include GPs, hospital-based clinicians, nurses, health visitors and social workers.
My Care Record will give professionals immediate access to information about you that they will need to care for you efficiently and safely. The underlying principles of this record sharing programme are:
  • It’s your information;
  • You will decide which organisations have access to your information;
  • It will only be used for your treatment and care;
  • It will be protected by strict NHS security measures. 
The organisations that could be involved in the service are:
  • GP practices in west Essex and east and north Hertfordshire;
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust;
  • Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust;
  • East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust;
  • South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust;
  • Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust;
  • Out of hours providers (such as PELC, HUC);
  • East of England Ambulance Service;
  • Other local hospitals.
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