Patient Online Access

Patient Online Access – Over the age of 16

About Patient Online Access

Do you want to book an appointment when we're closed?

Or let us know about your change of address? 

How to apply

Please complete a registration form and read the information leaflet. Once you have completed the form and brought it back in person with identification you will receive your username and password via your chosen method of communication on the form.  

Once you've received your username and password you're away!

Why we ask for identification

It may seem unnecessary to have identification when we probably know you well but we have certain legal obligations that apply to records access to maintain patient confidentiality.


The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for you to access your online services on your smartphone or tablet. It also includes a symptom checker. 
O.D.S (Practice Code): E82100

The NHS App is available to download Google Play & Apple App stores. 

For more information visit

Please view the instructions on how to register for the NHS app if you have received your account ID and passphrase to allow you to use approved apps at Central Surgery

Below is a video on how to register for the NHS app if you haven't received your account ID and passphrase

You can also view the instructions on how to register.

SMS Text Messaging Service

Central Surgery would like to offer you the ability to receive text message reminders for your upcoming appointments and health promotions. We might also occasionally send information about special clinics we are running that you might be interested in. The SMS service should not be solely relied upon, as the responsibility of attending and cancelling appointments still rests with you, but we hope this will make things easier. 

Messages are generated by an NHS secure service; however they are transmitted over a public network to a personal phone. 

The practice will never transmit any information that would enable an individual patient to be identified or specifically which tests they have had.  

Please update your contact details if you would like to be contacted by text message, alternatively, you can complete the form at the end of the page. 

Register a Nominated Pharmacist

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a NHS service that allows us to send your prescription(s) directly to your chosen pharmacy. This paper-free prescription service means that you do not have to come into the surgery to collect your prescription.

We encourage all patients to register for this free service.

Please nominate your Pharmacist on the form at the end of the page.


Are you a Carer? We are dedicated to offering you as much help & support as needed. Please register as a carer we can offer: flexible appointments, flu vaccinations, annual health check and referral to Carers in Hertfordshire. 
For more information please see our carers page. 

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